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Industry 4.0 solutions from Bosch for the entire value stream

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What will customers want in the future? They will demand a wider range of variants and more personalized products. Thus, future production must be able to adapt quickly to changed market requirements. Industry 4.0 is the answer to this challenge.

Our portfolio for your future

Our portfolio for your future

Software solutions

Our i4.0 software solutions link all the components of your value stream with each other and the people involved. What we want to achieve: full-grade connectivity, complete transparency, and reduced complexity.

Logistics and manufacturing

We connect machines and whole manufacturing lines to value-creation networks. With our solutions you can achieve complete transparency and coordination of all logistics operations in and outside your factory.

Service and consulting

Bosch offers a wide range of services and consulting in the field of Industry 4.0, including collaborative projects to test new business models. We’ll help you discover new potentials along your value stream.

Field level equipment

Components, modules, and systems for the optimal integration of the solutions of machine manufacturers into vertically and horizontally networked Industry 4.0 environments.

Bosch solutions for the connected industry

Bosch already has all the relevant enablers for Industry 4.0 in its portfolio and offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions.

Why Bosch Industry 4.0

Drawing from our long experience we found seven key features of i4.0. They are the guidelines for all new components, software modules, and services by Bosch.

Distributed intelligence

From autonomous rollers to flexible manufacturing modules: with distributed intelligence, modules know their technical skills and organize themselves decentrally.

Fast integration and flexible configuration

Fast Integration and flexible configuration facilitate the adaptability of Industry 4.0. People, machines, processes, and flows of goods are connected easily and fast and can be quickly adapted to ever-changing requirements.

Open standards

Open Standards are essential to integrating equipment and software of various suppliers into connected concepts. They form the basis for horizontal and vertical integration and thus the seamless exchange of information.

Virtual real-time representation

Virtual real-time representations of objects interact with each other and with software systems. They enable the real-time analysis of all manufacturing and logistics data and the control of all physical objects.

Digital life-cycle management

Aggregating and analyzing all the available data during the complete lifespan of a product helps to continuously improve the design and manufacturing processes.

Secure value-creation network

Safety and security for Industry 4.0 includes the protection of people from machinery-related hazards (safety) and the protection of corporate facilities and IT from attacks and faults from the surrounding environment (security).

People as key players

In Industry 4.0, people are the key players — work is getting easier, safer and more efficient — enabled through technology — but machines will continue to play the subordinate role.

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Brochure Bosch Connected Industry

Brochure Bosch Connected Industry — Industry 4.0 software from a single source

Here you will find our portfolio for software and services for production and logistics