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Bosch in Canada
Full circle with Bosch

Solutions for commercial buildings

Explore Bosch’s wide range of products and solutions for commercial buildings.

Solutions for commercial buildings

Designed with our customers in mind

All building complexes have to meet especially demanding security, safety, communication, HVAC, and energy criteria.

Cutting-edge technologies from a global provider

Cutting-edge technologies from a global provider


With Bosch solutions, you're ideally prepared to meet any challenge.

Why Bosch?

Challenges and solutions

All areas and activities can be efficiently monitored, allowing fires, emergencies, and threats to be detected immediately.

The building can be evacuated fast, and in a controlled manner.

All safety, security, and communications solutions can be integrated in one facility management system.

With around 50,000 monitored elevator installations, Bosch offers security for almost every elevator system.

Heating solutions can be provided in many different areas, including guest and conference rooms, as well as hot water for showers.

Bosch connects individual parking spaces and entire parking lots.

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Bosch: Solutions for commercial buildings

Bosch: Solutions for commercial buildings

Full circle with Bosch, global brochure. For information on solutions available in Canada, please get in touch with us.

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